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100% coffee lover

Zero chemical. All Natural.

Organic and in-conversion cotton are grown using natural processes, avoiding toxic chemicals and GMOs. Their production sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people, and is certified to the highest standards by both GOTS and OCS.

Everything begins with an idea.

Or as we say a "
cup of Joe". When people meet over dark roasted Specialty Coffee, the world become more clear and the ideas must be made a reality.  

Design studio

The grafic design behind the logo, the bags, the illustraions is all on the one Design studio located in Uppsala.

It all started for we are people passionate about coffee.
From dark to light roast, from familiar
terrain to the unknown.

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The method we use is called DTG (direct to garment). It means somewhat simplified that the color ends up in the fabric. Imagine a large paper printer, though in this case developed to print on clothes. The results are natural and it is more environmentally friendly than other printing methods. The clothes also get a nice vintage look after many washes instead of becoming unusable.

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Black and Yellow

Winning concept

  1. MONDAY - Starter
    Big black coffee 
  2. TUESDAY - Hard work
    Double espresso
  3. WEDNESDAY - Half way
    Flat white 
  4. THURSDAY - Get all together
    Cold brew
    Espresso tonic -SWE/TNC
    hangover cure - Coffee

We deliver right to your door

All purchases within Sweden are delivered to the door, as far as possible.

Outside Sweden's borders, we find the best solution for you!

Our take on sustainability

By choosing certified and eco-friendly fabrics and manufacturing is a good start, but if you own 100 or more eco-friendly products, you're still consuming more than necessary. That's why we wholeheartedly believe in making products that are suitable for multiple, versatile uses. This way, we need fewer clothes, which is great for the planet. 

And this is just one step of many to keep our rostery as eco-friendly as possible

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