Uppsala kafferosteri

It’s Drivhuset Uppsala's birthday!
Come and celebrate 20 years and 1394 new companies. Meet our startups, listen to success stories, and mingle with our partners and friends. WELCOME!

When a company starts, there is an idea, a dream and a vision, a good foundation to start from. Taking that idea from thought to reality is a complex journey, and should it become reality requires that you dare get your hands dirty! Composing a mix that reflects this is exactly what we have done to celebrate 20 years of support for everyone who asked for help!

Of course, we have produced there own coffeeblend to celebrate this day! A wonderful mix between Brazil, natural, Serra do Cabral, Fazenda Ecoagricola Red Catuaí for slightly dried fruit feeling, Kenya AA Plus Kijani Kiboko to highlight the complexity and topped it all off with a little unwashed Robusta to give a little raw feeling!  More like the Italian coffee that you can find!

Roasted to 229 degrees, 7.5 on a 10 degree scale